Under this space you can find posts regarding responsible entrepreneurship. Posts are updated regularly.

Τhe EURECA-PRO Observatory on Innovation is an “open” digital platform that seeks to collect and divulge ideas and projects developed by researchers in various fields related to responsible consumption and production (RCP), along with the good practices of some of the most innovative and sustainable companies within the countries where EURECA-PRO universities are located at. The platform is directly powered by researchers, innovators and stakeholders engaged in the development of techniques and methods leading to a resource-efficient economy and environmental sustainability.

The Innovation (digital) Observatory is structured to welcome directly (upon moderation/approval) the contributions of users, through a system of engagement that allows researchers to enter their research and innovation project, and companies/stakeholders to publish their best practices and products in the fields of RCP.

This space intends to promote knowledge exchange and cooperation on TTO activities among partners.